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How do I know if counseling is for me?

ometimes it's very clear that there's been a traumatic event in your life that you just can't get over and talking with friends or family is not making a difference for you.  Sometimes you get a vague sense of something just isn't right in your life.  You believe that you could be and should be happier.  You may have had some challenges such as problems at work, a setback in a relationship and recognize that nagging thoughts are infringing on your ability to enjoy life and be the happy person you would like to be.  

There are a variety of reasons that people decide to get involved in psychotherapy.  Length of treatment depends largely on the significance and duration of the issue that you bring in to work on. It also can be impacted by the kind of support system you have and control to make changes.  Frequently therapy can last anywhere from six weeks to six months and for some issues, beyond that period of time.  

Psychotherapy provides a safe, supportive environment to explore your needs.  It may help you identify certain choices and behavioral changes that you would like to make.  You will learn to utilize your strengths in overcoming, reducing, or side-stepping some problems areas.  Counseling is a positive step that takes some courage and like a lot of new changes, taking the first step can be challenging.



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