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      y name is Susan Schutz and I am a clinical social worker.  My business, S.M.S. Counseling Services, Inc. is an outpatient mental health clinic.  I have been doing business at my current location, 927A South 8th St, Suite 300, Manitowoc, Wisconsin since 1990. Prior to that I worked for Manitowoc County for approximately 12 years.  My private practice is located in downtown Manitowoc in a very private setting.  Parking is available in the front and in the back of the professional building where I am located.  There is a small reception and lobby area, as well as, a larger office that is comfortably decorated.  Therapy appointments are typically scheduled between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  Thank you for visiting my website.

Susan M. Schutz


When we communicate, we build bridges.

We make the connections that enable ideas to flourish and actions to occur.

Healthy connections begin with clarity, only as long as we continue to invest in them.

It’s the best in each of us, a natural mix of elements that make us unique.

Wellness is a conscious commitment to growth and improvement in all areas.

Only then does the larger picture emerge.                  

Author Unknown               


927A South 8th Street Suite 300        Manitowoc Wisconsin



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SMS Counseling